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Web Design & Hosting Services

Most companies are not content with their website content and performance, purely because of the time needed to dedicate to keeping it up to date. They have lots of ideas and aspirations for their site but then running the day to day business takes precedent (as it should) and websites tend to get pushed to the bottom of the pile. Prime Position Marketing will take your ideas for your site and either update or design, create and host the site for you, giving you one point of contact rather than multiple companies and invoices to deal with. Let Prime Position Marketing take away the hassle and do all the work for you to not only give you the website you are happy with but to get it found through all our other advertising and marketing vehicles.

"Having your website updated takes up so much time and, we have to admit, we simply do not have the knowledge of what or where to go. David at Prime Position Marketing was already doing all our online advertising for us so for him to get our new website sorted kept everything under one roof from a trusted source and saved us time, money and hassle!"


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